Sayokan is a Turkish Martial Art and reality based self defense system created by Nihat YIGIT in 1999.  The name stems from Savascinin Yolu ve Kan'i, where savasci stands for 'warrior', yol for 'way' and kan for 'blood'.

The idea behind Sayokan is that this system can prepare the average person mentally to make the right decisions and physically to defend against larger and multiple attackers. Attacks of opponents are faced without carrying them into the thought level and pacified with natural action or response when fighting, without paying too much attention to technical details. Again, the idea is to use Sayokan as a strategy based on elements of security that allow the person to take his own decisions, instead of adhering to a rigid system of individual technique.

Practitioners claim that whatever martial art you practice it can be enhanced with Sayokan strategy.

In combat non protective measures are worn. Kick and knees to the head are allowed, but punches, elbow and head strikes to the faces are prohibited. Low kick to the legs are allowed. Competitions exists with the following systems: Kyokushin Kaikan, Ashiara Kaikan, Seidokan, Shidokan, Enshin Kaikan, Yoshi
Kaikan, Oyama (Shigeru Oyama) Karate. 

There are 3 categories in a Sayokan Goshikaikan competitions. All matches are individual; there are no team competitions in Sayokan Goshikaikan. A Sayokan Goshikaikan match is managed by one referee. Only Green belts or higher can participate in the Gencalp (light weight ) category. Only brown belts or higher can participate in the Konuralp (Middle weight) category, and Only black belts fighters can participate in the Baturalp (Heavy weight) category.

For people aged 25 and older there are Kata competitions in System  B (Self-defense). Only 1st Dan and higher can participate in Kata competitions.

Baturalp (Heavy weight) and Konuralp ( Middle weight) fight time is 5 minutes. Gencalp (light weight ) fight time is 3 minutes. The competitor who first knocks down his opponent wins. If the fight end draw, a second 5-minutes/point-round or 3-minutes/point-round, respectively, is started.  The fighter who performs the first effective technique wins. The competitor who takes 3 warnings, he is disqualified.

Almila (women) fight time is 2 minutes and point system. Semi-point (Waza-ari)  and 1 point (Ippon). The fighter who takes 1 point (Ippon) wins. A semi (Waza-ari) point is earned for every effective technique. 1 (Ippon) point applies to knock out techniques.

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