Kendo (剣道 ,kendo), is a modern Japanese martial art of sword-fighting based on traditional Japanese swordsmanship, or Kenjutsu. Etymologically is means "Way of the Sword". Kendo practitioners are referred to as Kendoka.
Kendo began to make its modern appearance during the late 18th century.

Kendo training is more noisy than other martial arts. To express their fighting spirit, kendoka use a shout, or kiai きあい (気合い) and execute fumikomi-ashi, an action similar to a stamp of the front foot, when making a strike.

Modern kendo techniques comprise both strikes and thrusts. Strikes are only made towards specified target areas on the wrists, head or body, all of which are protected by armour. Thrusts are only allowed to the throat. However, since an incorrectly performed thrust could cause serious injury to the opponent's neck, thrusting techniques in free practice and competition are often restricted to senior dan graded kendoka.


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Photos by Gregory Brophy (hand wraps), Gerville Hall (TaeKwonDo girl), Lucian (Karate fight).
Kendoka head © Gregor Erdmann. Kendo fighter getting dressed © mamastock. Kendo fighter standing © Christofer Yie. Reproduction strictly prohibited.
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